The ranking of the best 3rd generation idol groups: TWICE far surpassed BLACKPINK

BTS is at the top of the 3rd generation boy band rankings, but the positions of TWICE and BLACKPINK in the chart below are causing controversy.

Although K-pop has entered the 4th generation, some Gen 3 groups are still very active and show no signs of slowing down. There are groups that are more prominent than their peers among Gen 3’s A-list idols, so Korean netizens recently ranked these idols and divided them into two groups: boygroups and girlgroups. The male group’s results were not unexpected, but the ranking of the Gen 3 girl group sparked heated controversy.

3rd generation boy group

BTS topped the chart of the best male groups in Gen 3. Considering the achievements of 7 boys from Big Hit Music in 8 years of operation, this result is predictable.  They are the artist who won the most Daesangs in history, dubbed the “digital music dinosaur”.  Moreover, BTS also set a record of album sales in Korea with more than 32 million copies sold since debut.


BTS‘s accomplishments extend beyond their home country and into the rest of the world. They successfully dominated two prestigious US charts, the Billboard 200 and the Billboard Hot 100, and received Grammy nominations for two years in a row, something no K-pop group has ever done.


Following BTS, EXO is the group that won the runner-up position.  The boygroup from SM Entertainment debuted in 2012 and was one of the groups that started the 3rd generation. They became the top group thanks to the “national hit” Growl, followed by hit songs like Overdose, Call Me Baby  , Ko Ko Bop,…


Moreover, EXO is also known as “the king of millions of copies”.  Although EXO has undergone many lineup changes and is not as active as before, the members still have a great reputation, proving that the group possesses a solid position and loyal fandom.

3rd place belongs to SEVENTEEN.  Debuting in 2015, the boy group under Pledis Entertainment is known for its impressive performance and is one of the few idols who produce their own music.  In recent years, SEVENTEEN‘s popularity has been increasing day by day, reflected in a series of albums that have sold millions of copies.  This shows that they are developing continuously even though they have been operating for 6 years.


3rd generation girl group

For a long time, TWICEBLACKPINKRed Velvet are considered the 3 top 3rd generation girl groups of Kpop.  However, in the eyes of Korean netizens, TWICE is still the best one.


TWICE debuted in 2015 and quickly rose to become the top girl group thanks to hits like Cheer Up, Signal, TT, etc., along with towering album sales.  In 6 years of operation, 9 JYP girls won 16 Daesangs – a record for Kpop girl groups.

Debuting 1 year after TWICE, BLACKPINK was considered a “dinosaur rookie” right from their debut because their debut song WHISTLE won the Perfect All Kill title.  Not only achieving good results on the Korean chart, the 4 girls are also the female Kpop female representatives with the highest ranking on Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot 100 (USA).


With the album THE ALBUM, BLACKPINK set a record as the first K-pop girl group to sell more than a million copies with a single album.  They own many MVs that exceed billions of views and are the artists with the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world.  Such a great achievement, but unfortunately, BLACKPINK only ranked 2nd in this chart.

Following TWICE and BLACKPINK is Red Velvet.  The SM girl group is considered the “summer queen” of the new generation with hits like “Red Flavor”, “Power Up”, etc. Operating for 7 years, their album sales are still increasing over the years.

In particular, even though Red Velvet had to take a long hiatus because of Wendy‘s accident and leader Irene’s scandal, they were still warmly welcomed when they came back.  “Queendom” – the group’s latest song won 7 trophies on music shows, showing the 5 girls’ long-lasting charisma. 

Red Velvet

The fact that BTS is at the top of the boy band rankings is obvious, but TWICE and BLACKPINK positions are hotly controversial. After six years of operation, TWICE‘s reputation has deteriorated, as evidenced by a drop in digital music rankings. Even so, they were still voted as the best Gen 3 girl group. Despite breaking numerous records, growing in popularity, and showing no signs of slowing down, BLACKPINK came in second.

In the comments section, 316 people voted for TWICE while 530 people voted for BLACKPINK.  This shows that many people are disgruntled with the original chart.

 The downhill performance made TWICE deemed not deserve the title of best Gen 3 girl group 
The downhill performance made TWICE deemed not deserve the title of best Gen 3 girl group 

However, some internet users believe TWICE‘s first-place finish is totally justified. The best idols of all generations have one thing in common: they’ve all received daesangs. TWICE is the only girl group capable of doing this in the third generation. BLACKPINK, on the other hand, is extremely well-known but has yet to receive the highest honor.

BLACKPINK is not recognized as the top 3rd generation girl group because it has never won a Daesang.
BLACKPINK is not recognized as the top 3rd generation girl group because it has never won a Daesang.
  • [+316, -530] The final winner of the 3rd generation female idols is TWICE – voteup / BLACKPINK – votedown
  • [+294, -49] I think people will agree with male idols, but people will be divided over female idols
  • [+188, -88] The female idols representing their generation all received Daesangs. For the 1st generation it was Fin.K.L, for the 2nd generation it was SNSD, for the 3rd generation, the only girl group that received Daesang was TWICE. There are a lot of other types of Daesang, but the fact that they received Daesang at MAMA for 3 years in a row is legendary
  • [+108, -51] No matter how you look at female idols, it’s BLACKPINK
  • [+106, -4] BTS-EXO-Seventeen is right, but the difference between Seventeen and BTS-EXO is too big
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