LE SSERAFIM: “It feels like destiny for six members to debut as a team”

Rookie girl group LE SSERAFIM expressed their feelings about their debut.

The showcase for LE SSERAFIM’s first mini-album “FEARLESS”, was recently held at Jangchung Gymnasium, Junggu, Seoul, on May 2nd, with all six members of the group, including Kim Chaewon, Sakura, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, Kim Garam, and Hong Eunchae. Here, the group said: “It feels like destiny for six members to debut as a team. 


LE SSERAFIM is Source Music’s first girl group after the agency became a subsidiary of HYBE Labels. With Sakura and Kim Chaewon being former members of the famous girl group IZ*ONE, the group drew huge attention from very early on. This showcase is their first time to appear in public, and each member took time to introduce themselves one by one. 


Kazuha, who majored in ballet in the Netherlands, shared: “I did ballet for 15 years, but I fell in love with the charm of Kpop and dreamed of becoming an idol. I am happy that I met my good members and realized my dream to debut.” 


Next, leader Kim Chaewon said: “I’m nervous since it has been a year since I last officially stood on stage. I have been training hard and preparing hard, and managed to discover many new things.” 


Sakura, who debuted for the third time after HKT48 and IZ*ONE, spoke confidently: This is my third debut, so I felt pressured that I have to do well. I prepared hard to show everyone my progress.”

Hong Eunchae followed, saying: “It was the first time I tried recording a song and filming a music video while preparing for a debut. I was struggling and clumsy. To stand here, I think I have overcome those initial challenges.”


Huh Yun Jin, who drew attention since her appearance on “Produce 48”, concluded: “Six members from six different backgrounds were gathered here in one place. I am so happy to be debuting as a team, and it feels like destiny. I am proud that my hard work has paid off.” 

Le Sserafim teaser

LE SSERAFIM’s debut album “FEARLESS” will be released worldwide at 6pm KST. Then, at 8pm, a showcase for fans will be held both online and offline. 

Source: Sports Chosun


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