ITZY Yuna once again flaunts legendary hip line with crop top and jeans 

Yuna, a member of girl group ITZY, is attracting huge attention for her visuals and perfect body. 

Alongside aespa Karina, ITZY Yuna is another female idol who is considered the representative of 4th generation idols when it comes to a perfect body.


In particular, Yuna has been receiving enthusiastic responses whenever she stands on stage for flaunting a waist and hipline so attractive they can be considered “art”. According to fans, Yuna’s appearance in crop top and low-waisted jeans while performing Lee Hyori’s “U-Go-Girl” performance at the 2022 KBS Gayo Daechukje, is simply legendary. 

Recently, on various online communities, Yuna has been receiving attention for wearing a cropped top and low-rise jeans similar to her “U-Go-Girl” outfit. Even though she only slightly revealed her waistline, the female idol radiated sexiness with her curves, including her prominent pelvic line that easily drew admiration.


It was also remarkable that Yuna’s thigh did not touch due to her “legendary hip line”.

Seeing this appearance of ITZY Yuna, netizens responded enthusiastically and left comments such as, “She was born with such a perfect figure,” “She has a beautiful face as well as a beautiful body,” and “She has the best fit for jeans among all the female idols.”

Meanwhile, on April 8th, ITZY successfully completed the Bangkok, Thailand stop for their 1st world tour, “CHECKMATE”.

Source: Insight

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