G-Dragon attended a female model’s birthday party… From SNS to authentic shots, who is it?

BIGBANG leader G-Dragon (real name Kwon Ji-yong, 34) congratulated his acquaintances on their birthdays.

On September 16th, G-Dragon wrote “HBD X2” on his Instagram story and tagged two accounts. This is the account of model Ahn Ah-reum (30) and her twin sister. G-Dragon also released a surprise photo with the two to celebrate Ahn Ah-reum’s birthday.

It seems that G-Dragon attended the birthday party of the twin sisters. In addition, Ahn Ah-reum personally revealed the people who attended her party through Instagram, which includes G-Dragon, SISTAR member Bora (real name Yoon Bo-ra, 32), actor Lee Soo-hyuk (real name Lee Hyuk-soo, 34), 2NE1 member Sandara Park (37), singer Be’O (real name Yoo Chan-wook, 22), and other top stars, drawing attention.

Moreover, a photo of G-Dragon and Lee Soo-hyuk together was posted by Ahn Ah-reum’s younger sister on Instagram, and G-Dragon also re-shared it on his own account.

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