JYP’s rookie NMIXX set new record for girl groups’ debut album sales with their debut single

JYP Entertainment’s new girl group NMIXX has set a new initial record for its debut album.

According to an announcement by the album counting site Hanteo Chart on March 16, NMIXX recorded 227,399 copies of its debut single “AD MARE” and won the Hanteo Chart first-time silver certification plaque. The Hanteo Chart’s official initial certification plaque is a commemorative plaque that certifies the official record of artists who exceed a certain amount of album sales based on initial sales data. NMIXX sold more than 200,000 copies of its debut album and received a silver certificate.

In response, NMIXX said, “Thanks to the love sent by NSWER, we achieved a great record of 227,399 initial copies with our debut single. We will always do our best and work hard to repay you for the love and support you have given us.” This record is all the more meaningful as it is the first record based on the debut album of a girl group and the third place based on a single album. Earlier on Feb. 25, NMIXX ranked at the top of the album chart, including the No. 1 album daily chart and the No. 2 album weekly chart (22.02.28-22.03.06) and shone with the presence of “K-pop’s all-time rookie.”

NMIXX album sales records

The seven-member rookie girl group NMIXX, which JYP ambitiously introduced in 2022, is actively promoting its debut song “O.O.” In various music programs, they drew favorable reviews that “all stages are legends” with their dazzling visuals as well as spectacular performances that are fun to watch. Andespecially, they are drawing attention online with their outstanding live singing skills.

The members appeared on various visible radio programs to attract listeners with their fresh and honest talking skills, and showed the true value of the “all ace group” with their refreshing singing abilities. Recently, on the official V LIVE channel of NMIXX, the group performed a live performance of the title song “O.O”. The girls showed off their solid vocals and bright energy of a rookie, drawing explosive responses such as “It’s a live performance that swallowed a CD” and “They have all the ease in singing, dancing, and facial expressions.”

NMIXX album sales records

The JYP rookie girls also gained impressive achievements on Youtube. The ‘[BE ORIGINAL] NMIXX’ ‘O.O’ video, released by Mnet digital studio M2 on the ‘STUDIO CHOOM’ channel on February 25, has 10M views on YouTube as of 10 pm on the 16th. Besides, the performance video of the b-side song ‘TANK’, which was released through the M2 ‘STUDIO CHOOM’ channel on March 11th, also surpassed 2M views within three days of its release. 

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