Ahead of their comeback, (G)I-DLE takes off the concept of girl crush and makes a radical transformation… this time in lingerie

Group (G)I-DLE unveiled the concept of lingerie look, signaling an unconventional comeback.

(G)I-DLE who is about to make a comeback…Revealing the unconventional yet attractive lingerie look

On the 2nd (G)I-DLE‘s official SNS, the second concept image “Act” of the fifth mini-album “I love” was released.


In this photo, the members are posing with various heart-shaped objects.

They smiled broadly and made lovely expressions, and gave unexpected charm with seductive eyes.


In particular, the members’ unique costumes caught the eye immediately.

Each member wore a colorful lingerie outfit and showed off their elegant and sexy appearances.


The concept image of taking off the veil…amplifying expectations

(G)I-DLE has released a total of three concept images so far.

The first concept image released earlier showed all the members turning blonde.


The members with blonde hair in different tones signaled a new transformation, wearing gowns and putting on deadly looks.

On the 3rd, the last concept image “X-File” was released, generating hype for the upcoming return. 


This time, the members sat on the sofa and covered their faces with rabbit masks, radiating a dreamy atmosphere.

 Netizens are decoding what kind of songs and performances (G)I-DLE will carry out for this amazing comeback with these unexpected visuals. 


(G)I-DLE’s fifth mini-album “I Love” will be released at 6 p.m. on the 17th (KST).

(G)I-DLE is a five-member girl group with different nationals that debuted in 2018.


Since their debut, the group has gained popularity for unusual concepts and topped the music charts 20 days after their debut, showing the potential of a monster rookie group.

(G)I-DLE has established themselves as one of the most popular girl groups with powerful stage performances and outstanding skills.


In particular, the album’s title track “TOMBOY,” released in March, swept domestic and foreign charts, creating a sensation.

(G)I-DLE is expanding their range of activities around the world with the group’s first world tour wrapping up in 18 regions after performing in Singapore on the 1st.


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