LAPILLUS Chanty is an Argentine national, but she’s an actress in the Philippines and she’s a girl group member in Korea

The idol is both beautiful, talented and is experienced in many fields despite being in her 20s. 

Chanty has a beautiful appearance and various experiences. Born in 2002, she is the oldest member of the girl group, LAPILUS.

Born to an Argentine father and a Filipino mother, she has dual citizenship. The idol is fluent in four languages: Spanish, Tagalog, English, and Korean.

lapillus chanty

She worked as an actress in the Philippines, appearing in the Philippine drama “Spirits: Reawaken” in 2018. She has also shown her appearance in music videos such as “Dear You”, “First” and “Every Moment”.

In the Philippines, K culture is especially famous, so there were many opportunities to access Korean contents. For her on-screen favorite actors, Chanty picked Gong Yoo as her favorite and wished to work with him one day.

Rumor has it that Chanty developed her idol dream by watching Korean idol groups and earned herself the opportunity to debut as an idol in Korea.

What’s unique is that LAPILLUS Chanty was nominated as a candidate for 2022 “MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES” selected by TC Candler, a movie review site.

The idol has a small face and a good body proportion. She is loved by many for her Western features, passed down from her father’s genes.

Source: daum

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