“Filipinos show me a lot of support”, LAPILLUS Chanty, who gave up her career back home to become a Kpop idol

Once a celebrity in the Philippines, Chanty decided to leave for Korea to pursue her dream 

Recently, LAPILLUS member Chanty, who came from the Philippines, attended an interview with The Korea Herald where she discussed her dream and passion for music, as well as her decision to become a Kpop idol. 


In particular, she said: “In the Philippines, my career was going smoothly, I was an actress and a model. I modeled for malls as well as some TV commercials. Some agency recruited me, but my big dream was just to debut as a Kpop star. Since the opportunity came, I made the decision to come to Korea and pursue my dream to become a Kpop star.” 

Chanty also shared that after she left, many people started to question where she has gone and how come she hasn’t been appearing on TV anymore.


“But then, the company revealed that I was a Kpop trainee and people got excited. Everyone’s just giving big reactions. Even people who’d learned too much on Kpop suddenly became Kpop fans, because ‘oh, there’s a Filipino Kpop idol. I’m so grateful”, Chanty concluded. 


Chanty came from a Filipino-Argentinian household, and can speak 4 languages. In LAPILLUS, she’s a vocalist and the face of the group, and is slowly winning over the Korean audience with her visuals and determination. 

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