JYP Produced Super Girlgroup Whose Members’ Average Age Is 59.5

An unprecedented girl group with an average age of 59.5 years has finally achieved their dream debut

The fifth episode of KBS’s “Golden Girls”, which aired on December 1st showed the process of four Korean divas Isooni, Park Mi-kyung, Shin Hyo-beom, and Lee Eun-mi joining forces with producer Park Jin-young to record their group debut song “Our Last Time” and preparing for a debut showcase.

golden girls

“Golden Girls” members were called to the studio at the invitation of producer Park Jin-young. After carefully listening to their debut song “Our Last Time” for three minutes, the four members said nothing. Amid the tension, Park Jin-young asked, “Is this song okay?”.  Lee Eun-mi broke the silence by standing up and hugging Park Jin-young. Other members also came to hug Park Jin-young one after another and expressed their touching feelings.

golden girls

However, the recording process was not smooth. Due to the fast tempo and intense beat of the song as well as the dance, “Golden Girls” members complained, “Do you want us to die while singing it?”, “We cannot perform it live”, etc. However, the debut showcase was already around the corner.

Although the recording process was not smooth, they all expressed satisfaction when completing the song. At their debut showcase, “Golden Girls” members showcased their fighting spirit and coolness. In particular, they presented the stage for “Our Last Time” for the first time before the live broadcast of KBS’s “Music Bank” in the evening of the same day.

golden girls

Through “Golden Girls”, Park Jin-young took the courage to unite middle-aged singers in their 50s and 60s with the best singing skills and succeeded. 

Source: Naver

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