Kang Ha-neul’s shocking kiss scene with Ahn Young-mi on “SNL Korea”

Actor Kang Ha-neul was properly “ruined”. 

Kang Ha-neul appeared as a host in Coupang Play’s “SNL Korea Season 2,” which was released on Jan 15th. Kang Ha-neul drew attention by performing perfect skits with the cast of “SNL Korea Season 2”, inducing laughter from the audience with his outspoken satire and parody lines.

Kang Ha-neul SNL Korea

In particular, in the parody of the movie “Death Note” called the “Jobless Note,” Kang Ha-neul played an intern who accidentally picked up a note that can turn anyone unemployed if their name is written on it, and proceed to remove the people from his company one by one, drawing laughter. He also parodied KBS2’s “When the Camellia Blooms”, which was loved a lot at the time it was aired.

Kang Ha-neul SNL Korea

Kang Ha-neul, who got to play Yong-sik again, actively approached Ahn Young-mi, who played the role of Dong-baek. Even after hearing the truth about Ahn Young-mi that made him feel uncomfortable, Kang Ha-neul still showed his innocent appearance and swore about their eternal love, saying, “In fact, Pil-gu is the youngest and she has more children”, “She engraved the names of her ex-boyfriends all over her body”, “He looks young but was born in the 1960s.”

Kang Ha-neul SNL Korea

However, Kang Ha-neul was shocked when it came to the kiss scene. Ahn Young-mi tried to pull out her tongue as much as possible and flirted with him so Kang Ha-neul was scared, and he stepped back, drawing laughter.

Kang Ha-neul SNL Korea

He has been an actor for a long time, but this was the first time he met an actress who is so active in doing skinship. The viewers laughed so hard at Kang Ha-neul’s appearance when he was in mental breakdown and losing his mind.

Kang Ha-neul SNL Korea

Meanwhile, Kang Ha-neul is scheduled to return with the movieThe Pirates: Goblin Flag”, which will be released during the Lunar New Year holiday this year. In this film, he plays Moo Chi, the self-proclaimed blackest of Goryeo and leader of the bandits. Kang Ha-neul drew attention by digesting an extraordinary image with a shocking makeup and hairstyle called “Lightning Hair”.


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