Stunned at the price of the Dior collection inspired by BLACKPINK Ji Soo

Ji Soo flaunts her opulent beauty while wearing creations worth thousands of dollars from a collection inspired by herself.

Ji Soo wears Dior Fall 2021 designs in a new batch of images published in the June issue of Elle Hong Kong magazine. The Dior’s global ambassador herself influenced this collection. The garments have the classic and elegant essence of the French high-end fashion house, but they also have Ji Soo’s signature freshness and youthfulness. These things’ prices are likewise commensurate with Dior’s level and the visual of Black Pink. Ji Soo’s suit set costs about $7248 , while her sneakers cost about $1245 and her socks are worth €360. Vespa x Dior is the most expensive item, costing more than $10,163

Ji Soo’s exquisite ladylike look goes nicely with the classic square-neck dress. Black Pink members wear the design with a bag worth roughly $5,152, a beret worth $1,174, earrings worth $792, and doll shoes worth $976.

Wearing a luxurious leopard print outfit for the first time, Ji Soo proves her visual is suitable for all styles. This set of clothes she wears has a total price of up to $11,028. Accessories such as bags, rings, and earrings are also very expensive.

Dressed in the style of a “rich schoolgirl”, Ji Soo mixed well a $2,318 sweater with a $3,962 skort.

A pretty set of clothes with a checkered croptop with a T-shirt has a pretty “gentle” price, only about $3027.

In this collection, Dior’s global ambassador promotes many suit models including vests and checkered skirts, which are very suitable for the youthful image. The yellow-tone suit set costs nearly $8650.

Meanwhile, the blue checkered suit set costs $5,405, worn by the female idol with the blouse costs $1383.

The wool bomber jacket costs more than $2162, giving the BLACKPINK member a cool look.

The bib skirt is approximately $4,300 and the see-through lace shirt is priced at $2,800, which is the perfect choice for Ji Soo’s luxurious style.

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