Jung Hae In’s excellent acting ahead of Snowdrop’s finale

Jung Hae In continues to make a good impression with his acting.

Jung Hae In is no longer an unfamiliar name for fans of K-dramas. After the image of a soft second male lead in While You Were Sleeping, a dreamy younger male lead in Something In The Rain and a cool soldier in D.P., Jung Hae In shows a brand new image in Snowdrop. A cold, tough yet charming character. 

In Snowdrop, Jung Hae In plays Lim Soo Ho – a North Korean spy. Soo Ho looks cold on the outside, but his heart is filled with the desire to love and protect the girl he likes like many other young men in their 20s.

Lim Soo Ho is on a big mission to infiltrate South Korea to bring Professor Han back to North Korea. He takes the identity of an international student from Berlin. During the mission, he is tracked down while being severely injured. 

jung hae in

There are moments when Lim Soo Ho seems to have completely changed compared to the previous image of a gentle and warm guy in the eyes of Young Ro (Jisoo). Jung Hae In portrays a terrifying Lim Soo Ho with a torn inner self through his sharp gaze mixed with guilt toward Young Ro.

This character requires introspection and it is not easy to play at all. Jung Hae In not only does a good job, but also exceeds our expectations.

Watching Soo Ho, we absolutely forgot about Jung Hae In’s previous characters. Jung Hae In succeeds in transforming into a cold and ruthless Lim Soo Ho, but his heart is tormented by personal feelings and a sense of patriotism. Snowdrop is an addition to the rich collection of romance dramas Jung Hae In has starred in, but the role of Soo Ho is totally different from his previous sweet and dreamy male lead image. Through Snowdrop, his emotional acting is also taken to a whole new level. 

Jung Hae In impresses us the most with his amazing talent when it comes to acting with his eyes. His exceptionally expressive eyes contain so many emotions. He also stands out for his warm voice and satisfying vocalization. 

Snowdrop is coming to an end, causing much regret. Hopefully the drama will end on a happy note after so many ups and downs. Let’s look forward to the final episodes of Snowdrop to continue enjoying Jung Hae In’s emotional acting performance. 


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