SM Entertainment Urges Fans to Refrain from Sending Letters and Mail to EXO’s Kai During Military Training

SM Entertainment has urged fans to refrain from sending letters and parcels to EXO’s Kai during his military training.

On the 12th, SM Entertainment, Kai’s agency, posted a notice titled “Guidelines for Internet Letters and Mail during Kai’s Military Training Period” through the fan community Kwangya Club.


The agency stated, “We believe that there will be a significant amount of internet letters and mail sent to Kai during his training period, and we kindly request the cooperation of EXO-L (fandom name) in this matter.”

They further explained, “While we are well aware of the fans’ concerns and support for Kai, sending a large volume of letters and mail all at once can make storage difficult, leading to possible loss or delay in delivering letters from other trainees due to the abundance of printed letters. This can cause various difficulties within the training camp.”


The agency requested, “We sincerely ask for your understanding and refrain from using internet letters and sending mail during Kai’s training period. Instead, please leave your messages for Kai in the Kai Bubble app or within the EXO-L community on Kwangya Club. After the training period, Kai will be able to read and receive all the messages.”

On the 11th, Kai enlisted in the military training camp, where he will undergo basic military training before fulfilling his alternative military service as a social service worker. With this, Kai becomes the 7th member of the group, following Xiumin, D.O., Suho, Chen, Baekhyun, and Chanyeol, to fulfill his national defense duty.

Source: daum

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