BLACKPINK’s Lisa made a surprise visit to BABYMONSTER’s dance practice as a mentor

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently paid a surprise visit to girl group BABYMONSTER during their dance practice. 

YG Entertainment released a video titled “BABYMONSTER – ‘Last Evaluation’ EP.3” on its official channel on March 24th.


The video showcases BABYMONSTER’s practice for their cover of BLACKPINK’s song “Stay,” as well as their first group dance mission.

The video shows BABYMONSTER’s team B consisting of members Asa, Haram, Rora, and Chiquita as they practice intensely before finally revealing their perfect harmony in their version of “Stay.” 

The members, despite being in their teens, delivered a heartfelt performance that conveyed the pain of heartbreak and left a lasting impression on viewers.


During the practice session, YG senior artists shared some constructive criticism with BABYMONSTER, encouraging them to not only have strong vocals but also to freely enjoy performing on stage. They praised the girls’ efforts, saying, “We were impressed by your hard work and found you all to be very respectable. Especially Chiquita, who showed a great star quality on stage.”

Under the guidance of their mentors, BABYMONSTER moved on to their next dance mission, preparing for a performance of BLACKPINK’s “Don’t Know What To Do.” In order to perfect their performance, the group even went as far as recording the audio track themselves, raising their anticipation for the competition.


The midpoint of the video shows YG’s executive producer, Yang Hyun Suk, supervising the dance practice, paying particular attention to every move the members made. 

Yang expressed his anticipation for the group, saying, “BLACKPINK has grown so big as a global group, so we must produce new groups that can match their success. We work hard every day with this in mind.”

Towards the end of the video, BLACKPINK’s Lisa makes a surprise appearance as a special mentor to the members, guiding them through the final stages of their practice. 


Lisa, who is known for her strong dancing skills, provided the girls with meticulous feedback, offering encouragement and support to the trainees.

The video ends with a preview of BABYMONSTER’s performance of “Don’t Know What To Do.” However, Yang Hyun Suk warns that one member may be eliminated, leaving the competition uncertain and heightening the tension for fans.

Source: Xportsnews. 

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