Yang Hyun Suk talks about BABYMONSTER, “I’m thinking every day that I should produce BLACKPINK’s junior group well too”

Yang Hyun Suk led the process of checking the dance skills of YG’s rookie group BABYMONSTER members.

On March 24th, YG Entertainment uploaded “BABYMONSTER – ‘Last Evaluation’ EP.3” on its official channels.

baby monster stay

The video shows BABYMONSTER members Asa, Ha Ram, Rora, and Chiquita practicing hard before their first group dance mission with a cover stage of BLACKPINK’s “STAY”.

Team B showcased perfect harmony through their “STAY” performance. Although all four members are still in their teens, they expressed the pain of separation in the lyrics of the song with immersive and deep expressions, leaving a strong impression on the audience.

baby monster stay

However, YG senior artists did not hesitate to give criticism to affectionately help BABYMONSTER grow, saying idol singers should have not only good vocals but also the energy to enjoy the stage freely. Despite that, the seniors also praised the members for doing their best. They commented, “It was impressive to see you do well, and I want to show my respect for that”, adding “Especially, Chiquita’s star quality was revealed. She successfully stood out on the stage with her charms.”


Under the solid advice of their seniors, BABYMONSTER began preparing for the group dance mission. The mission song was BLACKPINK’s “Don’t Know What To Do”. The girls even participated in a song recording session for the first time for a high-quality performance, raising expectations.

The mid-evaluation was directed by YG’s executive producer Yang Hyun Suk. He visited the practice room of BABYMONSTER every day to carefully give directions for the dance movements and detailed gestures. Expressing his special care and expression for the new girl group, he said, “BLACKPINK grew into such a huge global group, so I’m thinking every day that I should produce the next group well too”.

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With only 10 days left until the performance, another artist made a special appearance in BABYMONSTER’s practice room as a mentor. It was BLACKPINK Lisa. Lisa gave sharp feedback on everything, from the overall team formation to the choreography, and even demonstrated each dance move. She also took care of the trainees with generous encouragement.

baby monster stay

In the preview at the end of the video, “Don’t Know What To Do” stage was hinted to have received favorable reviews. Then, along with the first individual ranks, YG’s executive producer Yang Hyun-suk mentioned the possibility of eliminations, saying “someone will be eliminated. I want to say you’ve done such a great job so far.”

baby monster stay

Meanwhile, BABYMONSTER is YG’s new girl group project, which is launched approximately 7 years after BLACKPINK’s debut. The trainees include 3 Korean members (A Hyeon, Ha Ram, Rora), 2 Thai members (Pharita, Chiquita), 2 Japanese members (Ruka, Asa), and most of them are in their teens. The group’s debut reality show “Last Evaluation” for the selection of the final members airs every Friday at midnight.

Source: Newsen

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