Astro Jinjin remembers of the late Moonbin, “I want to see you just once, I hope you come out in my dreams”

Astro Jinjin expressed his longing for the late Moonbin.

On May 3rd, Jinjin said, “Hello Bin! Are you doing well? I still can’t believe it. I’m just trying to think that I can’t contact you because you’re busy doing everything that you wanted to do and eating everything you wanted to eat, that you’ll be by our side. People around me talk about dreams like that. Why don’t you appear in my dreams? Anything is fine, so I want to see you just once, Bin. I don’t think the word ‘I want to see you’ has ever been this desperate. I hope we can spend time happily together for just one day.”


Jinjin added, “I just returned from musical practice. I’m working hard and energetically. I think doing a musical is a good thing. It was nice to focus on something without thinking about this and that. A lot of people who worked with you came and talked to me. Everyone loved you very much. I was proud to hear that. You deserved to be loved, Bin. Everyone was sincere with you, and everyone sincerely cherished and loved you. You have to know that, okay? My beloved younger brother Bin, let’s smile a lot. Let’s smile a lot while enjoying happy thoughts and happy things. Don’t get sick and let’s be happy. I love you. Good night, my brother.”

Besides, Jinjin released several photos taken with Moonbin. In particular, Moonbin’s unique bright smile made fans’ hearts flutter once again.


Meanwhile, Moonbin passed away on April 19th at twenty-five years old. ASTRO members, including Cha Eun Woo, Jinjin, MJ, and Yoon Sanha, former ASTRO member Rocky, as well as senior and junior colleagues in the entertainment industry visited the mortuary and mourned the deceased. His funeral was held privately on April 22nd.

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