“The process was not easy at all”… Seventeen will reveal the secret behind their contract renewal for the first time on “Goblin Who Steals Wisdom”

Boy group Seventeen will unveil the secret behind their contract renewal.

Seventeen will appear on Watcha’s entertainment show “Goblin Who Steals Wisdom” broadcast, which will be released on May 24th, and transfer their wisdom of global success to the goblins.

According to the preview, 13 members of Seventeen appear with the performance of “VERY NICE” and catch the eyes of the goblins. “Kang goblin” Kang Ho-dong, who has been doing broadcasts for 30 years, leads them to the harsh world of entertainment. The members begin with ordinary greetings and make the goblins laugh hard with their unusual introduction method.


Under the increasing pressure, Boo Seung-kwan angrily said, “I heard this is a comfortable talk show!”. Amidst the fierce complaints about “casting fraud”, “Yong goblin” Lee Yong-jin is said to have made everyone laugh by making a joke to secure his screentime from the all-time talented guests.


Bringing about talks about their “synchronized group dance” performances and extraordinary energy, Seventeen reveals that their unexhausted passion is the result of the physical training they received as trainees. Kang Ho-dong proposed a foot wrestling battle with leader S.Coups, who lost once in the past, and S.Coups confidently accepts the “revenge match”. Fans are looking forward to the result of the showdown between S.Coups and Kang Ho-dong.

Moreover, behind stories of Seventeen successfully renewing the contracts of all members will be released for the first time. Hoshi surprises everyone with his shocking remark, “I actually wanted to do solo activity”. Then other members confess that they had a hard time coordinating their opinions. 


Accordingly, the process of discussing the contract renewal was not easy at all and it took Seventeen 8-9 months to coordinate their ideas and wishes. However, there was a hidden motivation based on their trust for each other that made 13 members continue to work together. It was said that while everyone was expressing their gratitude to each other, they naturally reached out their hands saying “Let’s keep going together” with a simple and positive mind. This raised fans’ curiosity about who was the best contributor to Seventeen’s contract renewal.


Meanwhile, Seventeen will also talk about the times when they faced and endured the poor condition before becoming a world-class idol group like now. The members share those memories with a smile but their period of reaching success full of tears and sweat will touch everyone. The episode will be released at 5 p.n on May 24th.

Source: Daum

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