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“Almond Next?” Actor Lee Seo jin’s first time reaction to aespa song drew attention 

Actor Lee Seo Jin’s hilarious reaction after listening to aespa’s “Next Level” for the first time made the public burst out in laughter.

On the May 22nd episode of tvN’s “Unexpected Journey”, actor Lee Seo Jin was shown answering quizzes on music. 

Lee Seo-jin aespa
Actor Lee Seo Jin appeared on the May 22nd episode of “Unexpected Journey”

The actor paid for dinner for the production team and was tasked to solve a music quiz. The first questions were mainly about popular pop songs released back in the 80s, so Lee Seo Jin easily got 5 points in no time. 

Lee Seo-jin aespa
The actor easily scored points over 80s pop songs.

As a result, the production team decided to show aespa’s “Next Level” to provide a challenge, and Lee Seo Jin looked super perplexed as the track played.  He was even promised a new suit from the famous variety producer Na Young Seok if he got the question right.

Lee Seo-jin aespa
Lee Seo Jin had difficulties when aespa’s “Next Level” showed up. 

The actor then asked for the release year of the song, to which producer Na hinted that the title was in the lyrics. At this very moment, the chorus “I’m on the Next Level” played. 

Lee Seo-jin aespa

Lee Seo Jin, who was listening intently to the song, cautiously asked “What’s Almond Next?”, effectively cracking up the entire production team. 

Lee Seo-jin aespa
“What’s Almost Next?”, Lee Seo Jin asked upon hearing “I’m on the Next Level.”

Producer Na then asked: “Are you ignoring this song? Do you want to quit your career?”, to which the actor asked if it belonged to BLACKPINK“I think Lee Seo Jin is retiring, thank you guys for loving him so far”, producer Na replied jokingly. 

Lee Seo-jin aespa
Lee Seo Jin thought “Next Level” was a BLACKPINK song. 

After the answer was revealed to be aespa’s “Next Level”, the confused actor once again questioned if it’s JYP or Jennie, to the endless laughter of the filming crew. 

Lee Seo-jin aespa

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