Jang Young Ran met her doppelganger in Hongdae, “My plastic surgery’s goal was Song Hye Kyo but the result is Jang Young Ran”

Broadcaster Jang Young Ran encountered a high-tension clothing store owner, who had plastic surgery to look like actress Song Hye Kyo.

A video titled “A-class tension Jang Young Ran (positive energy) with IVs on interviewing citizens” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “A-class Jang Young Ran” on May 8th.

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That day, Jang Young Ran conducted an interview with citizens on Hongdae Street to promote her Youtube channel. While accidentally passing by a clothing store, Jang Young Ran met someone looking exactly like her, drawing attention.

As soon as she saw Jang Young Ran, the clothing store’s owner introduced, “I’m Jang Young Ran of Hongdae. People say if you meet a doppelganger, one of the two will die, but I don’t know who will between the two of us.”

jang young ran

The store’s owner, who boasted as much tension as Jang Young Ran, said, “It’s is true that one of my dreams is meeting Young Ran unnie in real life before I die.”

Surprised by the fact that the store’s owner looks exactly like her, Jang Young Ran exclaimed, “We look so much alike. Exactly the same”. In response, the store’s owner made a shocking remark, saying “Unnie, you’re a natural beauty. I’m an artificial beauty.”

Jang Young Ran confessed, “But I also did double eyelid surgery”. The store’s owner added, “I had surgeries on my eyes and nose”, drawing laughter.

jang young ran

Jang Young Ran then asked, “When you got plastic surgery, did you tell them to make you look like Jang Young Ran?”.

The store’s owner raised her voice and said, “No, I didn’t. Probably not”. She explained, “I told them to make me look like Song Hye Kyo, making everyone on the site burst into laughter.

Revealing that she appeared on TV several times, the store’s owner shared, “I joined several shows before and there were many comments pointing out that I look like Jang Young Ran.”

Source: Wikitree

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