John Legend: “I want to collaborate with BTS and BLACKPINK”

World-renowned pop singer John Legend told a variety of stories about his comeback in two years with his 8th full album “LEGEND.”

Kakao Entertainment’s music platform Melon released various contents related to John Legend’s eighth studio album “LEGEND” on Sep 9th through its online and offline new spotlight service “Melon Spotlight” and the original audio content service “Melon Station.”

On this day, John Legend participated as Melon Spotlight’s first global pop artist, and as a “legend who is still going forward,” he shared various stories, including the introduction of his recently released new song, updates, and future plans. 

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John Legend expressed confidence in the album this time, saying, “I wanted to create an album filled with beautiful, fun, soulful, and sexy music.”

Regarding his name and the album’s name, he said, “It’s an album that symbolizes me and my career,” adding, “I think I’ve been trying to be a person who fits my name so far. Therefore, I named this album ‘LEGEND’ to show my will of living according to my name in the future.”


As John Legend has many Korean fans, attention is also being paid to whether he will collaborate with any Korean singers. In this regard, he said, “I’m constantly thinking about a collaboration, and I think it would be good for me to work with BTS or BLACKPINK. In the case of BLACKPINK, I have actually prepared some ideas that they would like.”

In addition, John Legend is attracting attention by providing various exclusive contents around the world only for Melon members through Melon Spotlight. He answered various questions received from fans in advance through the “Ask Anything” video, and introduced his recent playlist which includes Kendrick Lamar’s “Purple Hearts” through the “What Do Artists Listen to?” corner.


In addition, fans can check out his official photos related to the new contents, photos exclusively released on Melon, artist notes, and his autograph messages written in Korean handwriting.

Melon Spotlight is also holding a giveaway event of a CD signed by John Legend to the luckiest ones who finish the given mission. The mission is to listen to all the songs from the album “LEGEND” on Melon and write in the “Leave a Review” section.

Source: asiatoday

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