Dancer No:ze disappeared from WayB’s SNS after power abuse controversy?… Growing suspicion

It is reported that No:ze disappeared from Team WayB’s SNS amid various suspicions such as the controversy over power abuse.

Currently, according to Team WayB‘s official SNS accounts, No:ze‘s photos cannot be found. In recent photos, only the recent status of Dolla, Ansso, Leesu and Gyurian is delivered.

The last time No:ze was tagged was a post uploaded on December 31st, 2020.

In particular, No:ze is known to have changed her Instagram account from “noze_wayb” to “nozeworld” after the end of Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” (hereinafter referred to as “SWF”). It is unknown why she changed her account’s name.

However, No:ze performed together with WayB members at the “SWF” concert held on July 10th.

Meanwhile, disclosure posts of staff members who said that they worked at No:ze’s advertisement site were uploaded on an online community recently, attracting attention.

A, who claimed to have experienced a difficult situation at No:ze’s commercial filming site in the past, said, “I liked No:ze very much. But from the day we worked together, I quit being a fan. It was really hard. First of all, I crawled on four limbs to get into the spirit of things at the scene.

A added, “I’m a filming assistant. It’s not the first time celebrities made it hard for me. After hearing (about No:ze’s power abuse controversy), I thought ‘Just shrug it off’. I didn’t know there would be such a big controversy. She’s picky and it’s hard to set the mood on set. This is typical.

B, who sponsored No:ze’s Instagram posts, confessed, “I sponsored No:ze’s team WayB and other dancer teams before the success of Mnet’s ‘Street Woman Fighter’. However, only No:ze didn’t upload posts. After hearing about her controversy, I thought ‘After all, that habit isn’t going anywhere’.

Source: nate

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