Jo Yu Ri, “I hid ‘Squid Game 2’ casting news from people around me. I can’t say anything about appearance fee”

Singer Jo Yu Ri revealed a behind-the-scenes story about her appearance in “Squid Game 2”.

The August 29th broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s radio program “Cultwo Show” featured the guest appearance of singer & actress Jo Yu Ri and band Lucy.

That day, Jo Yu Ri talked about her casting of “Squid Game 2”. 

DJ Kim Tae Gyun wondered, “You really got cast for ‘Squid Game 2’ after failing all other auditions?”. In response, Jo Yu Ri said, “I joined many auditions back then but only received bad news”.

jo yuri

She continued, “The audition had three rounds. I was with Choi Ye Na when I received the news that I passed the first round”.

Revealing that she did not tell anyone about “Squid Game 2” casting, Jo Yu Ri shared, “I hid the news from people around me even after passing the last round”.

Later, Yoo Min Sang asked, “Does popular work like ‘Squid Game 2’ pay you more than regular projects?”. Jo Yu Ri responded, “I haven’t done many dramas so I can’t make any comparison. I can’t say whether I receive much appearance fee or not.”

Earlier, Jo Yu Ri made headlines when revealing how she got cast for “Squid Game 2” on YouTube content.

Source: Naver

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