WayV Ten and YangYang’s recent interview being linked to Lucas’s controversy has enraged many fans

The two were promoting their debut as a sub-unit, “Low Low.”

WayV fans are outraged when an interview with Ten and YangYang was released that linked their replies to questions of Lucas‘s scandal.

Ten and YangYang were promoting their new sub-unit song, “Low Low,” in a recent interview with the South China Morning Post. Ten took the effort to communicate to their fans directly about their concerns: “Fans don’t need to be worried about us that much, because we’re working towards our goals and we’re still WayV.”

Ten was questioned about his worries about upsetting fans by the journalist. Ten said that fans should not be concerned since the members will work hard themselves: “Sometimes, as a person [not just a star] when someone worries about you too much, you kind of feel heavy, right? […]  It’d be nice if I can sort out all my worries by myself and they can see the good side of me. That’s why I tell our fans not to worry, because some stuff we have to figure out for ourselves.”

According to the author of the article, Tamar Herman, the two members did not openly address Lucas’s issue, nor did they answer any questions that may have been asked about Lucas. Fans, on the other hand, are outraged by the article’s insinuation that Ten was asked to speak out about the scandal.

In August 2021, Ten and YangYang released their sub-unit single, “Low Low.” Fans are hoping for additional possibilities for idols to showcase and discuss their work.

Many fans expressed their anger toward the author of the article:

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