The truth about BLACKPINK’s Jennie not greeting fans at the airport

According to many videos, Jennie was tired but greeted her fans anyways.

After finishing her schedule in Los Angeles, USA, on November 17, Jennie (BLACKPINK) went to the airport to go back to Korea. However, the videos recorded at the airport caused some controversy as some people speculate that she showed cold expressions and did not interact with fans.

Recently, a TikTok account posted a close-up video of Jennie at the airport and partly revealed the reason why the BLACKPINK member was unhappy.

Close-up video of Jennie (BLACKPINK) at the airport

It can be seen through the video that Jennie’s appearance at the airport attracted many fans. Having to withstand bright camera flashes probably caused Jennie to be uncomfortable. The female idol kept lowering her face and covering her eyes.

However, despite being surrounded by many people, Jennie still waved to the fans and didn’t forget to bow politely. From this angle, Jennie did not act cold and show an attitude towards her fans as rumored.

Jennie airport 17/11
Jennie lowered her face, covered her eyes with her hands when because of the bright flashes
Jennie airport 17/11
She covered her head with the hoodie hat but still did not forget to bow to everyone
Jennie airport 17/11
Jennie airport 17/11
Jennie airport 17/11
Jennie’s condition at the airport made many BLINKs feel upset 


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