BTS’s Jin to appear in the last episode of Lee Young Ji’s drinking show “No Prepare” 

“Superstar” BTS’s Jin met Lee Young Ji. 

The trailer for episode 13, the last episode of the YouTube’s variety show “No Prepare” hosted by Lee Young Ji, was uploaded on October 7th. 

The video starts with Lee Young Ji saying she could not believe BTS’s Jin is making a guest appearance on her show. She said, “BTS.. It feels like I am lying while talking about it.”

lee young gi

Jin then arrived with a greeting saying, “I am Superstar Jin.” When Jin came in, Lee Young Ji welcomed him vigorously, and Jin also greeted her with laughter.

After their toast, when Lee Young Ji said, “I drank everything in one shot,” Jin added, “Wait a minute, I just pretended to drink. As a superstar, I can’t stand it. A superstar doesn’t hold back.”

lee young gi

Regarding his solo song “Super Tuna”, Jin said, “I hope many people don’t know about this song. It’s too embarrassing,” but still showed a cute dance to the song.

Under the video, Lee Young Ji commented, “That’s right. 280 million DMs came to me a day, and I almost died because I wanted to reveal it, too. It’s true. He’s coming out. He’s coming out. He’s coming out. Everyone, be prepared.”

The last episode of “No Prepare” with Jin’s appearance is scheduled to be released on October 20th.

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