Jo Bo Ah pulls off school uniform look and flaunts “first love” visual even in her 30s

“Destined With You” actress Jo Bo Ah shows off her youthful visual in school uniform

On September 8th, JTBC’s Wed-Thu drama “Destined With You” released new behind-the-scenes still cuts of Jo Bo Ah, fluttering fans’ hearts with her appearance in a school uniform.

The released photos show Jo Bo Ah with long hair wearing a neat high school uniform like a model student. In particular, she impresses viewers by effortlessly maintaining a perfect visual as Lee Hong Jo despite traveling between the past and the present. 

Jo Bo Ah pulls off school uniform look

The still cuts captured the scene revealing Hong Jo’s dark past of being bullied by her friends. Jo Bo Ah’s delicate facial expressions in the scene draw sympathy from viewers. Unlike her serious face on the screen, the actress reportedly switched to a cheerful and lively person behind the camera, proving her amazing character immersion.

Jo Bo Ah pulls off school uniform look

In episodes 5 and 6 that aired last week, Hong Jo was seen growing with great confidence and a positive attitude despite her heartbreaking family story. Jo Bo Ah’s perfect portrayal of Hong Jo increases viewers’ affection for her character.

Many people are looking forward to Hong Jo’s romance and how Jo Bo Ah will bring laughter and tears to the audience with her transformation as Hong Jo in the next episodes.

Jo Bo Ah pulls off school uniform look

Meanwhile, JTBC’s “Destined With You”, starring Jo Bo Ah, depicts the romance between Lee Hong Jo, a 9th-level civil servant who obtains a forbidden book that was sealed more than 300 years ago, and Jang Shin Yu, a lawyer who becomes the victim of the forbidden book. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday.

Source: Daum

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