A fan made the “middle finger” gesture at aespa Winter? This is the truth 

aespa Winter, who was attending the Cannes Film Festival, encountered a fan who made a middle finger gesture at her. 

On May 22nd, aespa departed from Incheon International Airport to attend the 76th Cannes Film Festival. After a long flight, aespa arrived at Nice Airport in France and had a brief moment to communicate with overseas fans, who came to greet her.

Despite being tired, Winter showed sincerity by signing autographs for the fans one by one.


However, in the midst of that, Winter’s attention was drawn to a male fan, who seemed to be making the insulting “middle finger” gesture at her. 

According to the claims of the witnesses on the scene, the male fan was attempting to show Winter a finger tattoo inspired by her, but ended up raising his middle finger instead.

The exact reason why the man behaved this way in front of Winter has not been revealed, but the majority of fans have shown a displeased reaction, saying, “Although it was probably not intentional, who shows a tattoo like that?”


Meanwhile, aespa, the group to which Winter belongs, achieved double platinum status with their mini 3rd album “My World”.

According to SM Entertainment, aespa’s “My World”, which was released on May 8th, recorded sales of 2,011,388 copies (as of May 21st) in just two weeks.


“My World” achieved the highest pre-order volume (1.8 million copies) for aespa and set a record as the highest first-day sales for a K-pop girl group (1,372,929 copies, according to Hanteo Chart) and the highest first-week sales for a K-pop girl group debut (1,698,784 copies).

Source: Insight

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