Jin (BTS) and Park Bo Gum took a selfie together on BTS’s Weverse!

Two selfies of BTS’s Jin and actor Park Bo-gum have been released.

On April 10, Jin (BTS) posted his selfies with actor Park Bo Gum on Weverse.

These photos were taken at the Coca-Cola commercial set in July 2018. The two smiled happily while taking pictures together.

Jin and Park Bo-gum showed off their handsomeness and made fans crazy. The fans who saw the photo showed reactions such as “It’s a visual party”, “They’re handsome ㅜㅜ”, “Such a great sight to see!”, “I like the face combination”, “Handsomeness + Handsomeness = Mine!”,…

Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum is currently serving in the military and is set to release the movie ‘Seobok’ on April 15.

Source: Dispatch

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