Fans notice the similarity between the rap verses of BLACKPINK’s Lisa and TREASURE’s Yoshi: YG’s style is unmistakable! 

The distinctive style of YG rappers is what makes them stand out. 

TREASURE is YG’s newest boy group that debuted in 2020. Since their launch, TREASURE has been increasingly showing their own musicality with every new release. Recently, TREASURE made a comeback with JIKJIN, the title track of the mini-album “The Second Step: Chapter One” with a heavily-invested MV. 

JIKJIN has a young and vibrant energy that is TREASURE’s trademark, but the song also sounds like something you would expect from a YG artist. In particular, many fans have pointed out the similarity in Yoshi’s rap in JIKJIN with BLACKPINK’s Lisa in How You Like That.

Specifically, the lyrics and the delivery of Lisa in How You Like That sound similar to Yoshi’s in JIKJIN. Their powerful style and how they “play” with each word makes their rap parts more catchy and addictive. YG’s rappers indeed hit different! 

The comparison between the rap part of Lisa in How You Like That and Yoshi in JIKJIN
blackpink lisa
Lisa’s rap in How You Like That and…
yoshi treasure
…Yoshi’s rap in JIKJIN clearly show that both of them are from YG 

Many comments also recognized the distinctive color of YG rappers:

  • YG’s music is never boring.
  • When I heard this part of Yoshi I also immediately thought of Lisa in How You Like That.
  • YG’s rap style is unmistakable.
  • This is considered the tradition and identity of YG’s artists, it’s definitely top-notch.
  • YG is the best
  • Both their rap are good
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