ChoA shared, “I spent my break in the countryside. It was very quiet and great”

Singer ChoA revealed that she spent time in the countryside during her break.

ChoA appeared as the first guest on Channel A’s “Earth in the House/ 지구인 더 하우스”, which aired its first episode on the evening of March 15th.


On this day, the cast members talked about rural life, which has emerged as a recent trend.

When was asked, “Have you ever wished to live in the countryside?”, ChoA replied, “My parents live in the countryside. During the break, I went to the countryside with them. It was very quiet and comfortable there. As I had been living a busy life and only went around places in the city, I felt so relaxed”.

She continued, “I recently bought a camping car and have been going back and forth (between the city and the countryside) these days”.

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