Jennie (BLACKPINK) Faces Criticism for Wearing Short Outfit at Paris Fashion Week

Jennie (BLACKPINK) makes headlines thanks to her recent appearance at Paris Fashion Week

On the evening of October 3rd (Korean time), Jennie from BLACKPINK caused a stir when attending Chanel’s show during Paris Fashion Week. The female star took the spotlight with a fresh, radiant, and captivating appearance. However, alongside the compliments about her beauty, the BLACKPINK member unexpectedly faced conflicting opinions regarding her choice of outfit for the recent event.

Some netizens criticized the female idol for wearing short pants to attend Chanel’s fashion show. According to these netizens, the BLACKPINK member’s outfit was not suitable for such a high-class event. Nevertheless, many internet users expressed their appreciation for Jennie’s outfit choice for her recent activity. Furthermore, this is a design by Chanel itself, so there is nothing inappropriate about it for the brand’s event.

Jennie became the center of attention when she appeared at Chanel’s fashion show on the evening of October 3rd. Here, she was warmly welcomed by the audience and photographers.
jennie blackpink
However, the female singer was criticized by some netizens for wearing a short outfit during her recent public appearance. In addition, many viewers praised the outfit choice of the BLACKPINK member and believed that it was a suitable design by the Chanel fashion house.

Also at the show on October 3rd, Jennie created a stir when she appeared alongside the popular actor Wang Yibo. This moment quickly went viral on social media throughout Asia because it is rare for the public to witness two top stars from the Chinese and Korean showbiz worlds together in front of the camera.

Jennie and Wang Yibo were seated in the front row.
Jennie blackpink Wang Yibo
These two famous stars received special attention from Asian audiences at the recent event.
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