aespa Ning Ning reveals Karina’s one-of-a-kind interest through a funny online interaction 

aespa Ning Ning and Karina had a funny interaction online, drawing attention. 

Recently, aespa Karina clicked “Like” on a post titled “Who wants to see hedgehog X-ray?” from an account named “aniiimal_”. The post contained images of a hedgehog and its X-rays, surprising netizens with its skeletal structure. 


Later, when Ning Ning found out about Karina’s online activities, she posted a comment, notifying that Karina had liked the post, drawing netizens’ attention almost instantly.

In response, netizens said, “She (Karina) really seems like my Twitter friend”, “It’s so funny”, and “Cute”. 

The interaction between Ning Ning and Karina also became the talk of the town on online communities such as Nate Pann. Several comments were “Karina who pressed like is cute, but Ning Ning is really funny”, “How did you postpone wanting to do Instagram for so long?”, and “That’s why the company banned personal Instagram”. 


Earlier, on May 10th, aespa announced that the members would like to open individual Instagram accounts on the web entertainment show “Idol Complaint Manager HUR”. On May 22nd, the members’ official Instagram accounts were launched. Each member is receiving a jaw-dropping number of followers. 

Source: Wikitree 

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