Lee Na Young reveals her skincare tips, “I always have these items with me”

Actress Lee Na Young unveiled the beauty items she often carries around in her bag on a daily basis.

The Youtube channel of VOGUE KOREA recently uploaded a video titled “Actress Lee Nayoung’s What’s In My Bag (eye cream, necklace, moisturizing cream, pencil, minibook)”.

In the video, Lee Na Young introduced her favorite items by herself. Expressing her love for mini bags, the actress showed the items she often carries along with her.

Emphasizing the importance of skincare, Lee Na Young said, “I always have my eye cream, oil, and moisturizing cream with me”.

As for her eye cream, she said, “I buy these in bulk and use them whenever I can. So, I have one in my car, one in my pocket, and apply them all the time. It’s very convenient.”

Lee Na Young smiled awkwardly and shared, “Last time while I was traveling with my stylist, I was using this so frequently so she told me to wash my hands before I apply it. I can’t use it in a fancy manner”

She added, “I need to use it casually. So this is a product I keep close to me all the time”.

Taking another favorite skincare item out of her bag, Lee Na Young introduced, “This oil is a cure-all. I put this on the cuticles and on my face, especially on my dry spots. It has many functions so I’m using it a lot”.

The actress continued, “Next, it is moisturizing cream!”, adding “I can’t laugh out loud because my skin is so dry. You don’t get to apply it while you’re having a meal or something, but if you have it handy, you can go to the restroom and put it on. I carry my moisturizing cream around.”

Source: Wikitree

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