aespa Giselle Unable to Attend “Knowing Bros” Recording Due to Health Reasons

aespa Giselle will not be able to participate in the recording of “Knowing Bros” due to health problems.

On June 1st, SM Entertainment officially announced through the fan platform KWANGYA Club, stating, “aespa Giselle will unavoidably be unable to attend the JTBC’s Knowing Bros recording scheduled for today due to health reasons.


As a result, only Karina, Winter, and Ningning are going to participate in the recording of “Knowing Bros” today.

aespa recently released their 3rd mini-album “My World” on May 8th and has been actively promoting their comeback. Amidst this, they raised expectations by announcing their first appearance on “Knowing Bros” as a complete group in two years. However, unfortunately, the full group appearance has been canceled.


Source: wikitree. 

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