Apology Issued by “Squid Game 2” Production Team Amidst Power Tripping Controversy

The production team of Netflix’s “Squid Game 2” has apologized for the airport power abuse controversy that arose online.

On July 11th, the “Squid Game 2” side released an official statement and apologized for the power tripping controversy that was raised among netizens.

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The production team stated, “On July 10th, we received reports that citizens experienced discomfort during the filming of ‘Squid Game 2’ at Incheon Airport. We made our best efforts to provide detailed explanations about the on-site situation to the citizens during the filming process, but we apologize for causing inconvenience.”

They continued, “We sincerely thank the citizens for their understanding and cooperation in allowing the filming. We promise to be more cautious during the filming process in the future.”

Lee Jung-jae Lee Byung-hun

Earlier, a netizen called out the “Squid Game 2” production team by writing a post on an online community that reads, “Yesterday, I saw that Squid Game 2 was being filmed because there were a lot of cameras at Incheon Airport. It was truly ridiculous. When I tried to use the escalator, a staff member, who seemed to be over 180 cm tall and was wearing a black T-shirt with English text, blocked people trying to use the escalator. He confidently and rudely ordered them to go somewhere else.”

Im Si-wan Jo Yuri

The netizen continued, “If they caused inconvenience to the passengers at Incheon Airport, shouldn’t they apologize and ask for understanding, considering that they were filming? It was infuriating how they suddenly blocked the way and told people to take the adjacent elevator in an irritating commanding tone without even saying a word of apology.”

The netizen expressed their frustration, “Were they on an official duty? They didn’t even rent the entire Incheon Airport, yet they caused inconvenience to people. How could they be so shameless? It’s unacceptable.

Source: wikitree

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