H1-KEY’s official announcement: “No disadvantages from Sitala’s father’s action. No member change”

While Thai member Sitala of girl group H1-KEY was embroiled in a controversy over her father’s political background, her agency announced its position. 

H1-KEY‘s agency GLG (Grandline Group) made an official position on the morning of Dec 8th and said, “Regarding the controversy in Thailand over our H1-KEY member Sitala and her late father, we had to take into account various aspects such as Thailand’s history, politics, economic structure, and social context in order to understand the situation in detail to be able to resolve. We are being very careful about this.”

Sitala H1-KEY

“From the moment we recognized the concerns and requests of Thai citizens to the moment we wrote this statement, we have been looking at the past of Sitala’s late father, his influence on Sitala who was still a minor at the time is still growing. As a result, GLG came to the conclusion that we could not penalize Sitala for reasons such as the deeds of her late father. Unless there were special circumstances, we have judged that it was excessive to make Sitala take responsibility for actions that are far beyond the scope of her responsibility. Therefore, there will be no member changes due to this,” the agency explained.

The agency added, “We would like to clarify that Sitala has chosen her father to be her role model as he was the head of a family, a long-run actor and director, without considering any of her father’s political performance in mind.”

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