“Queendom 2”: Kep1er Da-yeon debuted 4 years earlier than Hyolyn?

Kep1er Da-yeon ranked first in the “Queendom 2” debut ranking with a twist.

Mnet’s “Queendom 2” broadcast on May 5th carried out a search for hidden debuts among the contestants.

On this day, Lee Yong-jin surprised everyone by saying, “The relationship between seniors and juniors here is ambiguous,” adding, Hyolyn, who debuted in 2010, only ranks 4th in this debut hierarchy.”

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It was Kep1er Ye-seo who was one step ahead of Hyolyn. She made her debut earlier than Hyolyn in June 2010 when she appeared on MBC’s “Golden Fish.”

Ranking 2nd was VIVIZ Eunha, who debuted in 2007. Eunha starred as a child actress in KBS “Love and War”.

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“My fans know about this, but I didn’t know it would be public like this,” she said, showing her embarrassment.

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Kep1er Da-yeon, who made her debut in 2006, came in 1st place. Da-yeon made her debut even earlier than Grandmaster Taeyeon.

Da-yeon appeared as a child on KBS’ “The Famous Seven Princesses”

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“I don’t remember because I was four years old. I remember playing the role of the daughter of Park Hae-jin and Lee Tae-ran and hugging him and taking a picture,” she said.

When Lee Yong-jin asked her to give her words of blessing to her “junior”, Da-yeon said, “Thank you for your hard work on a cold day like this and let’s cheer up.”

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