“Why Her” Seo Hyun-jin discovered Hwang In-youp’s identity

“Why Her” Seo Hyun-jin found out Hwang In-youp’s secret.

In SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her“, which aired on July 2nd, Oh Soo-jae (Seo Hyun-jin) found out the secret of Gong Chan (played by Hwang In-youp).

On this day’s episode, Gong Chan’s stepmother visited the Legal Clinic Center as a client. Although she was blind, she recognized that Gong Chan was Kim Dong-gu just by hearing his voice. Gong Chan ran out alone to cry. Oh Soo-jae, who just appeared, was surprised to see it.

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Soon after, Oh Soo-jae received a call asking her to come to the site as a burial accident occurred at the construction site in Yeongpyeong, which was being carried out by Hansoo Group. Kim Dong-gu grabbed Oh Soo-jae’s arm and begged, “I have something to say. It only takes 5 minutes. No, 3 minutes.” However, Oh Soo-jae said “I’m sorry” and left.

why her

While trying to rescue the victim at the scene, there was even a commotion in which an unexpected skeleton was found. Gong Chan found a familiar accessory in the photo of the article which reported that the skeleton was found. It was made for his family by his younger brother, who was killed during childhood. Gong Chan lost his temper and immediately ran to the scene. Oh Soo-jae, who was trying to find Gong Chan, entered the room he had been hiding and was shocked to find out that Gong Chan was Kim Dong-gu.

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