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IVE’s Ahn Yu-jin perfectly pulls off Ban Yoon-hee’s style on “Earth Arcade”, “Y2K? I learned that from Naver”

IVE’s Ahn Yu-jin transformed into Ban Yoon-hee on “Earth Arcade”.

tvN’s “Earth Arcade”, which aired on June 24th, Lee Eun-ji, Oh My Girl’s Mimi, Lee Young-ji, and IVE’s Ahn Yu-jin gathered together.

Upon hearing the news that the first filming location was Thailand, Lee Eun-ji revealed that she had been there before. She turned to the sisters and said, “You can just walk around on the street in bikinis”. Na PD reacted, “You shouldn’t do that”. 

earth arcade ive ahn yujin

The first costumes for the earth agents were decided through random play dance. After succeeding three times, the agents were given Y2K costumes. Lee Eun-ji transformed herself with Song Hye-kyo’s fashion in “Full House” while Ahn Yu-jin drew attention for her transformation in Ban Yoon-hee’s fashion. 

earth arcade ive ahn yujin

Ahn Yu-jin surprised everyone by asking, “Who wants to go to Canmore?”. When asked, “You weren’t born when Canmore was famous, right?”, “Where did you learn them from?”, Ahn Yu-jin replied, “From Naver”, drawing laughter. 

The first quiz for allowances was guessing the ending of “Autumn in My Heart”. The agents were given the opportunity to call someone who might know the ending of this drama. Therefore, they called officials from their agencies to get hints. In the end, they guessed the correct answer for the quiz and succeeded in winning 1,000 baht.

earth arcade ive ahn yujin

After arriving in Thailand, the agents kept wondering, “I’m afraid that they will let us find the accommodation on our own”. The writer said, “ Na PD and I can’t keep up with you now”, revealing that they can no longer do that because the production team has gotten old. The agents couldn’t hide their bitter smiles.

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