Surprising reason why Gong Yoo couldn’t answer the question “What is your favorite ramen?”

The fishing trip of Gong Yoo, where the actor boasted his “daily life appearance”,  was revealed in a recent video. 

On December 1st, a video titled “EP.1 Gong Yoo’s 3rd trip with ramen cooking” was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Management Soop, Gong Yoo’s agency. 

gong yoo

In the video, Gong Yoo’s daily life after going fishing was revealed. Gong Yoo started full-scale squid fishing with the production team. The day before the shoot, Gong Yoo ate sashimi with the squid he caught during the fishing trip.

Afterwards, he expressed regret, saying, “We didn’t have a full dish. Let’s put the squid legs in the ramen and give it a good boil”. 

gong yoo

Then, the production team asked Gong Yoo about his favorite ramen brand, to which Gong Yoo answered, “I can’t say. I can’t tell you, I’m afraid of getting ads”. 

Finally, Gong Yoo cooked ramen with squid as an ingredient, and ended the day by sharing the food with the production team.

gong yoo

As the crew enjoyed the ramen, Gong Yoo joked about an imaginary “Gong Yoo ramen”, and said that they will be expensive and sell like hotcakes. The production team then said it would cost “6,500 won”, to which Gong Yoo laughed and replied, “That’s much higher than I thought.”

Source: wikitree

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