The cast of “Work Later, Drink Now 2” listed reasons why you should watch the series

The cast of “Work Later, Drink Now 2” expressed strong confidence in their work.

At 2 p.m. on Dec 6th, a production presentation for the original TVing “Work Later, Drink Now 2” was held online. Director Park Soo Won and actors Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa, Jung Eun Ji and Choi Si Won attended the event to talk about various things.

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TVing’s “Work Later, Drink Now 2” is the second season of “Work Later, Drink Now 2”, which depicts the daily lives of three women whose life beliefs are a cup of alcohol at the end of the day. Season 1, which was released in February, was widely loved by viewers, drawing the largest number of paid subscribers ever for TVing.

Director Park Soo Won, who newly joined season 2, confessed, “I wanted to adapt the old one and make a new one this time. I tried to give season 2 a cheerful and cheeky side while thinking about how to maintain the reasons why the series was loved in season 1, which is the actors’ bond.

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Lee Sun Bin, who plays Ahn So Hee, boasted this extraordinary friendship, saying, “After knowing and working together for 2 years, we can now recognize what others want just by looking at each other’s eyes.”

When asked if she realizes the popularity of season 1, Jung Eun Ji, who plays the role of Ji Goo, said, “I’m grateful as the announcement of season 2 is proof that we have been loved a lot.

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Han Sun Hwa, who played the tension-maker Han Ji Yeon, then said, “After season 1, I realized our show’s popularity after seeing everyone talks about our show name as a buzzword. While preparing for season 2, I was worried due to the break before filming, but I have prepared with my best to meet the fans’ expectations.

Season 1 of “Work Later, Drink Now” ended with Han Ji Yeon, who has always been so bright and happy, suddenly being diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing surgery. In Season 2, Han Ji Yeon will leave her existing yoga academy and go for a naturalistic yoga training center.

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In this regard, Han Sun Hwa said, “To solve the situation that suddenly happened to Ji Yeon, I had to show a new appearance of her. I was very worried about that part at first, so I asked for advice from people around me”. Recalling the filming period, she continued, “The viewers liked the pleasant and positive energy of our work. That’s why the writer portrayed Ji Yeon as a woman who stays positive and pretty despite the harsh reality. I tried to follow the script as much as I could”.

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Jung Eun Ji also hinted at the big change for Kang Ji Goo. She said, “Seeing Ji Goo, who worked as a Youtuber to earn her living, giving up her job and going into the mountains, you will realize, ‘Oh, so she can make such a decision’. Also, there is one more person around Ji Goo whom she really wants to be friends with”. She added, “I learned many things while trying to express Kang Ji Goo”, raising expectations.

Choi Si Won, who plays Kang Book Goo, said, “First of all, his beard and hair became one. Isn’t it fun to show some changes in appearance?”, drawing laughter. He added, “You will be surprised by how this person has transformed himself”, arousing fans’ curiosity.

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Regarding the attractive points of Season 2, director Park confidently said, “I think the characters were finally completed in Season 2. The characters we created in Season 1 were already good, but somehow we found out that they could show more charms, so we did it in Season 2”.

Lastly, the actors expressed their confidence in “Work Later, Drink Now 2”. Jung Eun Ji said, “We worked hard with all our heart and soul for Season 2”. Han Sun Hwa shared, “I poured all my energy before the end of the year into this drama”. Lee Sun Bin boasted about the cameo lineup, saying “Many senior actors joined us”.

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Writer Wi So Young continued to write the script and director Park Soo Won of the drama “Birthcare Center” joined the production team this season. With the return of the full main cast, “Work Later, Drink Now 2” will be released on December 9th. 

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