Jay Park caused a stir for criticizing Lisa (BLACKPINK): “My legs look better than this”

Jay Park finally became aware of the ‘Did it work’ trend that originated from Lisa’s (BLACKPINK) sexy dance video, but his reaction is causing quite a stir.

Jay Park was a former member of 2PM and currently works as a solo singer, dancer, musician, and producer who is mainly active in the US. Despite being very talented, Jay Park has raised many controversies throughout his career. From being kicked out of JYP for unknown reasons, to being homophobic and supporting violence against women and even making controversial statements about Big Bang and BTS, it can be said that his anti-fans never stop increasing. Most recently, Jay Park continued to have another controversial statement regarding Lisa (BLACKPINK) and the ‘Did it work’ trend on Twitter.

Accordingly, the LILI’s FILM #3 dance video is going viral because everyone is crazy about the sexy choreography of the youngest member of BLACKPINK. Not just helping Lisa’s outstanding dancing ability became more widely recognized, her long and slim legs have also become a ‘hot trend’ and created a new meme. Many netizens have edited the upper half body of another person with Lisa’s hips and legs and uploaded the pictures with the caption ‘Did it work’, and this phrase has gradually become the name for this funny trend.

Jay Park caused a stir for criticizing Lisa (BLACKPINK): “My legs look better than this”

Jay Park is also one of the celebrities whose pictures have been edited by fans in the ‘Did it work’ trend. However, contrary to the hilarious reactions and even the support of many other famous celebrities, Jay Park’s reaction has been severely criticized. Specifically, when retweeting the edited pictures, Jay Park added: ‘hahahahahahahahahahhhahaha wtf is this hahahahahaha C’mon, my legs look better than that.

Immediately, Jay Park’s statement met with mixed opinions and led to a fierce debate between his fans and BLACKPINK’s fans. Jay Park fans said that he was just joking when he claimed that his legs are more beautiful than Lisa’s. And for the swear words, his fans argued that he was influenced by American culture so he always spoke like that, and although his words were informal, he actually did not mean anything bad. Jay Park’s fans think that BLACKPINK’s fans have overreacted over such a joke.

However, most of BLACKPINK’s fans are still extremely angry. They said that even if it was a joke, the male singer is way over the limit. He claimed that his legs were prettier, which indirectly criticized Lisa’s body. On the other hand, many people point out that if a female idol was joking like this, she would be criticized so there is no reason for a male celebrity to be forgiven.

This is the first time Jay Park is in trouble for saying something about BLACKPINK. In 2017, the singer once expressed his admiration for YG’s girl group in Radio Star. Besides, he also follows the official account of BLACKPINK and the personal account of Jennie on Instagram.

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