BTS V’s Vogue 6-type cover is sold out in a “Global sensation”… K-Town’s highest sale record 

Vogue magazine, featuring BTS V as its sole cover model, shone in global popularity with all six types sold out at KTOWN4U.

On the 23rd, V‘s six-type cover Vogue magazines were all sold out on KTOWN4U, a global online sales site most frequently used by K-pop fans, acknowledging fans’ purchase power.

The idol made history with the first six types of solo covers since the foundation of Vogue Korea and the maximum amount of 30 pages, which met expectations with record sales.

V broke the record for the highest sales of all K-contents (magazines, etc.) in KTOWN for the first time in two years.

Magazine exceeded 40.000 copies of its cumulative sales for the first time in K-town with a one-week pre-order even before the main sales began. It then surpassed 50.000 copies for the first time in history despite being out of stock in two weeks. The strong purchasing power showed greater force with the start of V’s personal activities.

In China, where individual fandom activities are most active, V’s largest fan club “Baidu VBar” released a receipt for the first batch of 37.528 copies of Vogue’s October issue alone to support V’s solo activities. This is more than 450 million won, illustrating V’s fandom power.

“The star of this era and the universal icon V, the most shining fashion icon representing our time”.

Vogue described V as a fascinating, intense style that inspired designers and an icon of an era that enjoyed a syndrome-like popularity around the world.

He also explained that the brand’s interest in him was not just because he was a global celebrity, along with the prospect of his performance in the fashion world. Rather than a typical handsome man, he had a clear personality, a depth of expression, and was the best model that could pull off various styles.

First of all, everything ARMY likes is my favorite, so I’m going to try everything”.

The genre called “V,” which opened its second chapter, is expected to be filled with music, fashion, acting, and another new V challenge, making global fans go wild.

Source: daum

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