Hong Kyung and Roh Yoon Seo chosen as main characters in Korean remake of Taiwanese film “Hear Me”

Actors Hong Kyung and Roh Yoon Seo will be the main characters in the Korean remake of “Hear Me”.

An official from the entertainment industry told Sports Chosun on May 15th, “Hong Kyung and Roh Yoon Seo will be the main characters in the Korean remake of the Taiwanese film ‘Hear Me’.” “Hear Me” is a romance movie that depicts the love story between a girl who speaks with her hands and a boy who falls in love with her at first sight. As it transforms into Korean version, there will be some changes in the setting.


At the time of its release, it was mentioned as one of Taiwan’s representative romance movies alongside “Secret”, “You Are the Apple of My Eye” and “Our Times”. The main actors Ivy Chen and Eddie Peng received attention from the audience when the Taiwanese version was released in Korea.

Hong Kyung and Roh Yoon Seo are actors who have introduced their fresh faces to the Korean public. Roh Yoon Seo made her face known through tvN’s “Our Blues”, “Crash Course in Romance” and the movie “20th Century Girl”. She also made a special appearance in the recently released Netflix original series “Black Knight”.

Hong Kyung

Hong Kyung played the main character in Wavve’s original series “Weak Hero Class 1”, which was released last year and garnered a lot of attention. He also left a strong impression in Netflix’s series “D.P.”. Attention is being drawn to his transformation through “Hear Me”.

The Korean version will be directed by Cho Sun Ho. Its filming will begin in August.

Source: Daum

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