Actor Song Joong Ki makes a drastic transformation in the noir movie “Hopeless” to be screened at the 76th Cannes Film Festival

Song Joong Ki shows another aspect of his acting in the noir movie “Hopeless” through newly released stills.

Recently, the first trailer and stills of the noir movie “Hopeless (Hwaran)” starring Song Joong Ki have been dropped. The released materials went viral online almost immediately. The movie is also confirmed to be up for screening at the 71st Cannes Film Festival.

song joong ki
Song Joong Ki in “Hopeless”

The “Descendants of the Sun” actor took the audience aback by taking on a bold, new look. At first glance, Song Joong Ki’s character is not someone to mess with. He appears with a weathered-beaten, bony appearance and a cut on his ear. The “Vincenzo” star wears a malicious smile exuding and a merciless gaze. With a glimpse over Song Joong Ki’s appearance, fans anticipate a drastic transformation that departs from his previous innocent, boyfriend-material image.

song joong ki
Stills of Song Joong Ki in “Hopeless”

This can be regarded as one of the most unique images in Song Joong Ki’s acting career. In this noir movie, he transforms into Chi Geon, the middle boss of a dangerous criminal organization. Chi Geon exists in a hellish world and he lives by its rules. The markers of life are engraved on his body and remain visible through the cut on his air. When Chi Geon first meets Yeon Gyu, he immediately understands his reality and takes him into his organization. The duo pushes forward in a world filled with danger.

“Hopeless (Hwaran)” trailer

The cast and crew of “Hopeless”, including Song Joong Ki, will attend the Cannes Film Festival on May 24-25th. 

Source: hancinema  

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