Overcoming school violence scandal, Seo Soo Jin reveals daily life moments with a different vibe from her old image in (G)I-DLE

Seo Soo Jin, who left the group (G)I-DLE due to a school violence controversy, gave updates on her daily life again.

On July 9th, Seo Soo Jin uploaded on her Instagram account several photos showing her daily life moments at a cafe. 

Showing off her cool summer fashion with a crop top, Soo Jin exudes a different mood compared to when she was still active as a (G)I-DLE member. Without a caption, the post received many supportive comments from overseas fans.

soo jin

Soo Jin opened her Instagram account on July 1st, appearing in front of fans after a long time. It’s been two and a half years since she withdrew from (G)I-DLE due to a school violence controversy.

In February 2021, Soo Jin was accused of being a school violence perpetrator but she denied the allegation. However, the scandal intensified when actress Seo Shin Ae, known as Soo Jin’s classmate, revealed that she was a victim of Soo Jin’s school violence.

Due to a series of continuous controversies, Soo Jin suspended her activities with (G)I-DLE in March 2021 and went on a complete hiatus after leaving the group in August of the same year. In March last year, she terminated her exclusive contract with her agency CUBE Entertainment.

soo jin

After then, Soo Jin appointed a legal representative and denied the school violence allegation again. However, public opinion toward her remained cold. In September last year, Soo Jin’s side stated, “Seo Soo Jin was involved in an unsavory incident during middle school, and due to some thoughtless actions at that time, she had a conflict with other students. However, we want to emphasize that there is no evidence of her engaging in acts equivalent to school violence.”

Fans and netizens raised speculations that Soo Jin was planning to return to the entertainment industry, starting with the announcement of her position regarding the issue that caused her to leave (G)I-DLE. When Seo Soo Jin opened an Instagram account, rumors of her comeback immediately resurfaced.

Source: Nate

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