Because of Son Seok Gu, Lee Mi Do couldn’t talk to her husband for two days

Actress Lee Mi Do talked about the cute side of her husband.

Han Chae Ah, Lee Mi Do and In Kyo Jin guested on SBS’s “Dolsing Fourmen” broadcast on March 21st. During the broadcast that day, Lee Mi Do revealed that she couldn’t talk to her husband for two days after leaving a comment on the SNS account of actor Son Seok Gu.


She said, “Son Seok Gu made a perfume advertising post on his SNS”, adding “He looked so cool and the perfume seemed to be nice. So I jokingly left a comment saying, ‘I’ve chosen the Christmas gift for my husband. If only he could smell like that…’.”.

The comment eventually gained a lot of attention, with likes and replies constantly increasing. Therefore, Lee Mi Do showed it to her husband while laughing hard, only to have her husband be mad at her.

Regarding this, Lee Mi Do said, “My husband often takes my jokes well, but that time, he didn’t talk to me for two days”.


She then drew laughter by adding, “If I compared him to my friend’s husband, of course, it would make him feel bad, but isn’t that Son Seok Gu?”.

Meanwhile, Lee Mi Do was born in 1982 and turned 40 this year. She married her husband, who is two years younger than her, in 2016. The couple has a son together.

Source: Wikitree

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