Lee Byung Hun Boasts Lovely Chemistry with Female Co-Stars Behind the Scenes

Lee Byung Hun warmly took care of his junior actors in “Concrete Utopia.” 

On September 11th, Lee Byung Hun posted new photos on his Instagram with the caption “Two Jobs.”

In one photo, Lee Byung Hun is seen adjusting Park Bo Young‘s lip makeup. In another photo, he is seen tidying up Park Ji Hoo’s outfit. Lee Byung Hun’s serious expression brought laughter to netizens.

lee byung hun

The film ‘Concrete Utopia,’ starring Lee Byung Hun, Park Bo Young, and Park Ji Hoo, tells the story of survivors gathering in the last remaining Hwanggung Apartment in Seoul, turned into ruins by a massive earthquake. 

The film was invited to the Gala Presentation section of the 48th Toronto International Film Festival and was selected as one of Forbes’ “Most Anticipated Films at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival.”

Forbes stated, “The core of this film goes beyond post-apocalyptic scenarios to explore society, trust, and human nature. It challenges viewers to confront their beliefs, prejudices, and the very structure of human civilization.”

lee byung hun

MetroStyle introduced ‘Concrete Utopia’ as the Korean representative in the International Feature Film category for the 2024 Academy Awards: “It’s a strong action thriller that keeps your eyes glued to the screen, but it is also a psychological drama that criticizes social phenomena. It combines dark comedy elements with a heavy theme.

As international interest in Korean content continues to grow, leading foreign media outlets such as Forbes and MetroStyle are focusing their attention on ‘Concrete Utopia.’

Meanwhile, Lee Byung Hun married Lee Min Jung in 2013 and welcomed their first child in 2015. After about 8 years, he recently shared the news of Lee Min Jung’s second pregnancy, receiving congratulations from the public.

Source: wikitree

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