Beautiful, talented Lee Ji Ah and her scandalous love affairs

The biggest scandal of Lee Ji Ah’s career is related to her love story.

Resoundingly successful career

Lee Ji Ah‘s real name is Kim Sang Eun, born into a wealthy family. Her father was a renowned businessman, and her grandpa was a well-known educator. Thanks to her rich family background, Lee Ji Ah soon moved abroad to settle down and attend a prestigious school. Lee Ji Ah was found and invited to perform in a commercial with actor Bae Yong Joon during a visit to her hometown in 2004.

Lee Ji-ah

In 2005, Lee Ji Ah officially returned to Korea and changed her name to Kim Ji Ah, taking the stage name Lee Ji Ah. Even her first drama – The Legend, co-starring with Bae Yong Joon, was successful, helping her receive the most popular actress award and the most beautiful couple award. After that, Lee Ji Ah‘s career developed quite well. She participated in many hit works such as: Beethoven Virus, Telecinema, Athena,…

In 2020, Lee Ji Ah once again proved her charm through the hit series “Penthouse”. In the drama, she plays the beautiful, powerful Shim Suryeon, who is on a journey to avenge her daughter.

Love scandals

In March 2011, Korean showbiz was shocked by the dating photos of Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah taken in Paris, France. Not long after, Jung Woo Sung chose his birthday to confirm the love affair. It is known that the two fell in love while filming Athena. As cult stars with a scandal-free private life at that time, Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah were supported by the people, and the audience expected the two to tie the knot soon.


However, only a month later, the Korean media disclosed that Lee Ji Ah was involved in a lawsuit with her ex-husband, legendary singer Seo Taiji. Accordingly, the couple got married in 1997, when Lee Ji Ah was 16 years old and lived together for 9 years, they decided to go their separate ways. The media was aware of this because Lee Ji Ah had filed a lawsuit against Seo Taiji at the time, seeking 5.5 billion won in alimony and property partition.


After this scandal, the company announced that Jung Woo Sung and Lee Ji Ah had broken up. l years later, Jung Woo Sung mentioned Lee Ji Ah publicly: “I don’t think she’s guilty. It doesn’t matter to me either. The only thing I regret is that dating me has caused her so much trouble. I hope Lee Ji Ah doesn’t have to worry about me and instead takes care of herself.” In addition, Jung Woo Sung also shared that Lee Ji Ah told him all about her past, but the actor still didn’t care about it and kept quiet to protect his girlfriend.


Currently in her 40s, Lee Ji Ah still chooses a single life, without getting involves in any more love rumors. She once expressed regret for her old love, but never mentioned getting back with Jung Woo Sung.

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