“Seeing you together…” Writer Choi Ha-neul reveals his daily life with actor Yoo Ah-in

Actor Yoo Ah-in’s recent status has been revealed.

On the 4th, writer Choi Ha-neul posted a picture taken with Yoo Ah-in on his Instagram. In the published photo, the two are posing in front of the mirror. Choi Ha-neul was sitting cross-legged on a chair and holding a phone. Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-in stood with his back turned.

choi ha-neul yoo ah-in

Overseas fans who saw this showed explosive reactions. They responded by saying, “Cute,” “It’s nice to see you two together,” “You look close,” and “You’re close to each other.”

Meanwhile, Choi Ha Neul has had a good relationship with Yoo Ah-in for a long time. They often shared photos taken together on SNS.

Source: Wikitree

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